How Much Would It Cost To Buy Iron Man's House? More Than You've Got

Tony Stark's house isn't real. Yes, I know he gives out his home address to The Mandarin and we've seen over and over again how his house gets blown into the ocean not long after. But Tony Stark's spacious Malibu pad was the invention of director Jon Favreau on the first Iron Man, with the help of CGI wizards (to put the house on the protected Malibu cliff) and set builders (to create the actual interior).

But if we can pretend Iron Man is a real hero, real estate developers can assume Tony's cliffside manor is a real place-- and, in the case of Movoto, put it up for sale. You can click over there to see the logic they used to slap a price tag on it, including known real estate adages like the value of an ocean view and looking at the sale prices of other Malibu houses (none of which are remotely as big as Stark's, by the way. The finally number they settled on?


Of course, Iron Man 3 has already made that much overseas, so the executives at Disney probably aren't blinking at shoving that much imaginary wealth off the side of a cliff. And as Movoto notes, that price doesn't even include the value of the Paul Bettany-voiced computer system Jarvis, which they rightly assume Tony Stark would never leave behind if selling his Malibu house. Check out the infographic below for even more details on Tony Stark's house, and click here for much, much more on Iron Man 3.

Tony Stark Mansion: Iron Man 3

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend