How To Win: By The Alamo Draft House PSA Team

I’ve become pretty familiar with what Austin’s theater/cafe, the Alamo Draft House, has to offer for quite some time now. However, I had never heard about the theater’s long-standing hatred of movie-talkers and texters, which according to a Yahoo! report, has been well documented over the past 14 years that the establishment has been open.

Owner Tim League has been producing in-house PSAs warning against the dangers of talking during a film since 1998 and hasn’t let up since. Now his most recent work of art found its way online and it should be scooped up by every theater in the country to help thwart these unruly ruiners of quality cinema. A woman (by the sounds of her maybe I should say ‘girl’...or simply ‘idiot’) was apparently booted from the cinema after multiple warnings about texting during the film and like any fool who can’t accept that they were in the wrong, she was none too pleased about not finishing the movie AND losing her ticket cost.

So what does her stupid ass do? She calls the Draft House and leaves a “nasty” (read: foolish) voicemail that League molded into the best anti-texting PSA I’ve seen to date. That may be my vindictive, hateful self loving that someone so stupid is being so widely humiliated, but nonetheless the message is strong and applies to theaters everywhere. As of right now the view count is over 420,000, so hopefully some execs at Regal and AMC get in touch with the ADH and get permission to show this in their theaters. Maybe call your local theaters and let them know that you’d appreciate a stance this hard on movie-talkers and texters.

For now, scope out the video below and enjoy knowing that you (hopefully) are better than at least one person in this country.