Human Torch And The Invisible Woman Take Flight In This Alternate Fantastic Four Trailer

With Josh Trank's Fantastic Four hitting theaters this August, a new trailer featuring Human Torch and The Invisible Woman taking flight has just been released for the upcoming Marvel pic. We covered this about a month ago when the footage showed up online after a bootleg version leaked through Instagram but in case you missed it (as it has since been pulled) here it is, once again, now in the form of the official international trailer.

While many of us have already seen Johnny (Michael B. Jordan) and Sue Storm (Kate Mara) shooting through the sky, it still doesn't seem to have lost any of its excitement the second time around. While it is only split seconds that we can actually see the Storm siblings, it's enough to see that they both are visually well-executed. Johnny can be seen instantly igniting and subsequently with his entire body engulfed in flames, while Sue is shown surrounded by a blue-lit force field bubble.

Both look amazingly cool and ultra-forceful utilizing their powers while shooting across the night's sky right before Sue seemingly crashes directly into a rock-like structure.

While we still haven't actually seen Sue utilize her powers of invisibility, something tells me we won't be let down as far as visual effects go. Thus far, her force field powers have proven to have been executed with top-notch imagery, so potentially it's the trailer time constraints that have thus far prevented Marvel and Fox from showing us her invisibility transformation. There's also a good chance they just want to hold out on it so as to keep us in suspense until we're sitting in theater seats.

Sue Storm has a range of different powers that not only include invisibility, flight and force fields... she can also turn other people and objects invisible and is a highly competent as a martial arts fighter. Johnny, on the other hand, can not only fly and burst into flame on command, he can absorb fire into his body and control nearby flames and generate cylinders of fire.

In watching the trailer, you'll also see a few nods or thefts (depends how you want to look at it) from other films like Interstellar and Terminator. Watch it again and see for yourself. After all, you still have another few months before this highly-anticipated comic-book installment hits theaters on August 7.