For many, the film adaptation of Suzanne Collins’ young adult novel The Hunger Games is already one of this year’s biggest movies. Lionsgate and IMAX are about to make it even bigger. For a limited time, the film will be screened in IMAX theaters across North America.

?Those of us who have read the novel on which the film is based are likely to to be eagerly anticipating how the adaptation will look on the big screen. From the characters and costumes, to the nation of Panem, including District 12 and the Capitol, to the arena in which lead characters Katniss and Peeta (played by Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson) will “play” for their lives, representing their district as tributes in a mandatory fight-to-the-death “game” for the entertainment of the oppressive Capitol.

Lionsgate and IMAX issued a joint announcement today that the film will be digitally-remastered for the IMAX format and “released in IMAX® digital theatres in North America day-and-date on Friday, March 23, 2012.” March 23rd is the day of the film’s U.S. release in theaters.
"With this news, the release of The Hunger Games has truly become an epic event," said Lionsgate's Joe Drake. "The Hunger Games and IMAX are a match made in heaven - fans love this book because its world is so vividly imagined and seeing the film in IMAX will make them feel as if they have landed right in the middle of the action. It is the ideal way for fans to experience this film for the first time."

Perhaps this is just my pre-existing enthusiasm speaking, but the fact that they’re looking to put the movie on IMAX screens has me thinking - or hoping - that the film itself looks good enough to be complimented by the bigger-screen format. Regardless, we’re less than two months away from March 23rd and twenty days from when tickets go on sale.

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