New I Am Number Four Posters Embrace Blue, Orange Contrast

We’ve talked before on this site about the recent prevalence of orange and blue contrast on Hollywood movie posters, but in case you’ve missed it, here’s the short version: Hollywood uses a lot of blue and orange in its movie posters. Once you know about it, you’ll see it cropping up everywhere. Some people see it as a negative, personally I see it as a positive. Blue and orange has a way of popping out of the page at you, and more often than not, the color scheme results in pretty cool looking posters. Of course as the owner of Cinema Blend, I’m probably biased in the color scheme’s favor. For the record, we were blue and orange long before it was cool

I Am Number Four is the latest upcoming movie to go for the blue and orange contrast scheme. DreamWorks has released two new movie posters for the upcoming sci-fi film, and you’ll see that blue and orange contrast on display in one, while the other goes for something a little different, but still orange. Take a look:

I Am Number Four is the new film from Disturbia director DJ Caruso. It’s about an alien, disguised as a teenage kid, and on the run from other worldly enemies. Think Star Man but with teenagers. For more on I Am Number Four, visit the Blend Film Databse.

Josh Tyler