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Ian Somerhalder And Luke Hemsworth Join Noel Clarke's Sci-Fi Thriller The Anomaly

Everybody remembers Duncan Jones’ sci-fi thriller Source Code, right? It just came out in 2011, after all. British actor/director Noel Clarke (Adulthood) is returning to the sci-fi world for a film that sounds awfully similar. But let’s see how it sounds nine minutes and 37 seconds from now.

Screen Daily reports Clarke will make The Anomaly his third directing gig through his Unstoppable Entertainment imprint. Clarke most recently starred in Star Trek Into Darkness and the much lesser-known sci-fi flick Storage 24, which he also wrote the screenplay for, and the last film he directed was 2010’s crime drama He didn’t write the screenplay for this one though, as Simon Lewis penned The Anomaly.

Clarke will also be acting in the film with a cast that includes Ian Somerhalder (TheVampire Diaries), Brian Cox (Rise of the Planet of the Apes), Alexis Knapp (Pitch Perfect and Luke Hemsworth (Neighbors), the youngest of the Hemsworth clan. Not exactly a list of marquee names here, but better than your average indie. The announcement of the casting didn't include specifics on the actor's roles in the film.

And now we arrive at the familiar-sounding plotline. The film centers on a traumatized soldier who wakes up in the back of a van next to a kidnapped boy with no idea of how or why he’s there. But he has nine minutes and 37 seconds of consciousness to figure everything out. It doesn’t exactly say that he does it over and over like Jake Gyllenhaal’s character in Source Code, but I don’t think this could possibly be a feature-length film without something like that happening. But maybe The Anomaly will be even better. It wouldn’t have to try that hard, from a story perspective.

Not only was the film announced today, but it’s actually already begun production in London and New York.

Nick Venable
Nick Venable

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