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Interstellar Apparently Is Great, Read The Over-The-Top Praise Here

We are still a few weeks away from the November 4 opening of Christopher Nolan’s interplanetary exploration drama, Interstellar. But with a press junket on tap for this coming weekend, and a few additional screenings in the pipeline, the movie is starting to show for select groups… and word on the film’s impact is starting to leak across the Web.

The NY Post reports that Paramount President Brad Grey held a private screening of Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar for a diverse group that included directors Ang Lee and Steve McQueen, actors Chris Rock and Jake Gyllenhaal, billionaire Ronald Perelman, and noted genius Neil DeGrasse Tyson. While they haven’t Tweeted reaction to the film just yet, former Ant-Man helmer Edgar Wright asked the social media-sphere:

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That was a while ago. Apparently there were more recent screenings of Nolan’s expansive sci-fi journey, and in 70MM, no less. For a few Twitter reactors had this to say about Interstellar after emerging from early screenings:

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And the reactions kept flowing in, though from mysterious screenings attended by relatively anonymous patrons:

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Right, but did author Kevin Morris also like Grown Ups 2?

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Awesome, Andy. But how did you feel about The Best of Me?

My only point being that these are unfiltered responses to Christopher Nolan’s latest, and we don’t know much about the source. Could Interstellar be mind-blowing? Likely. If the movie’s as good as Twitter suggests at the moment, we’re all in for an insane ride starting about two weeks from today. Get your tickets. They likely are disappearing, quickly.

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