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The Interview On Christmas Day: A Complete List Of Theaters Showing The Movie

As you may have heard, this morning saw a major turnaround in the situation regarding Sony Pictures and Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s The Interview. A few days after cancelling release plans for the comedy due to the major theatrical chains pulling support, the studio has announced that The Interview will indeed be in theaters on Christmas Day in limited release. But where exactly will you be able to see it? The answer to that question has finally arrived.

Variety has gotten its hands on a select list of theaters that will be showing screenings of The Interview on Christmas Day (though there is one location that will only have the movie starting on New Year’s Eve). The most recent reports have said that the film will be showing in about 300 theaters nationwide, and while the full list isn't available just yet, here are the locations we know about so far. We will update this list as more information becomes available.


Edge 12 – Birmingham


Loft Cinema – Tucson

Harkins Theatres – Phoenix

Harkins Valley Art – Tempe


Riverdale 10 – Little Rock


Alamo – Littleton

Lyric Cinema Cafe – Fort Collins


Agoura Hills Stadium 8 – Agoura Hill

Cinémas Palme D’Or – Coachella Valley

Commerce 14 - City of Commerce

East Hills Mall - Bakersfield

Foothill Cinema Stadium 10 - Azusa

Fontana 8 – Fontana

Rialto Cinemas – Berkeley

Prime Cinemas – Red Bluff

Crest Westwood – Los Angeles

Vintage Cinemas, Los Feliz 3 – Los Angeles

Tristone Cinemas, Tristone Jurupa 14 Cinemas

Regency Theaters – Los Angeles

Laemmle Theater – North Hollywood (Beginning Dec. 31)


Penn Cinemas Riverfront – Wilmington


Fun-Lan Drive-In – Tampa

Sun-Ray Cinema – Jacksonville

The Lake Worth Drive-In and the Swap Shop - Sunrise


The Plaza Atlanta – Atlanta


Hollywood Blvd. – Woodridge

Art Theater Co-Op – Champaign


Jasper 8 Theatres – Jasper


Alamo Main Street – KC


Robinson Film Center – Shreveport

Chalmette Movies – Chalmette


Apple Cinemas - Cambridge


Eastpoint Center 10 - Baltimore


Alamo – Kalamazoo

The Bijou - Traverse City

State Theatre – Ann Arbor


MX Movies – St. Louis

Ragtag Cinema – Columbia

New Mexico

Jean Cocteau Cinema - Santa Fe

New York

Alamo – Yonkers

Dipson Flix 10 Stadium – Lancaster

Dipson Lakewood Cinema 8 – Lakewood

North Carolina

Palace Pointe – Roxboro


Tower City Cinema – Cleveland

Gateway Film Center – Columbus

Groundview Theatre – Columbus

Esquire Theatre – Cincinnati


The Fox Theater – Dallas

Academy Theater – Portland

Cinetopia, Progress Ridge - Beaverton


Southside Works Cinema – Pittsburgh

Puerto Rico

Caribbean Cinemas – Puerto Rico

Rhode Island

Cable Car Cinema – Providence

South Carolina

Terrace Theater – Charleston

Nickelodeon Theatre – Columbia


Alamo Lakeline – Austin

Alamo Slaughter – Austin

Alamo South Lamar – Austin

Alamo Ritz – Austin

Alamo – Richardson

Alamo Vintage Park – Houston

Alamo Mason Park – Katy

Alamo – Lubbock

Alamo Marketplace – New Braunfels

Alamo Park North – San Antonio

Alamo Westlakes – San Antonio

Look Cinemas – Dallas

City Base Cinema – San Antonio


Franklin Theatre – Franklin

Belcourt Theatre – Nashville


Merril’s Roxy – Burlington


Alamo Loudoun – Ashburn


Cinetopia, Mill Plain – Vancouver

Cinetopia, Vancouver Mall - Vancouver

West Virginia

Tygart Valley Cinemas – Fairmont


Grand Cinema Theaters – New London

Looking at this list, you may notice something rather significant – or, rather, you may notice something significant missing. There is a distinct lack of AMC, Regal, Landmark, Cinemark or any other major theatrical chains listed. Instead it’s mostly smaller movie houses that have announced their willingness to show The Interview. In fact, The Bijou Theater in Traverse City, Michigan is owned by none other than documentarian Michael Moore, who announced screenings of the Seth Rogen-James Franco comedy on his personal Twitter feed:

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While it’s hard to say for certain with the information available, I hope that in some form of retaliation on Sony’s behalf, as they are getting back at the major theater chains for leaving them high and dry as terrorist threats came in.

Are there any theaters near you that are planning to show The Interview that aren't on the list above? Let us know in the comments, and we'll be sure to add them!

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