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James Bond's New Theme Song Will Be Sung By British Pop Star

The list of singers who have lent their pipes to an official James Bond theme song is long and illustrious. It includes Sir Paul McCartney, Carly Simon, Shirley Bassey, Nancy Sinatra, Madonna and – most recently – Adele (who helped Skyfall win the Oscar for Best Original Song). So, who will add their name to the list with Spectre? Here’s a major hint:

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Four-time Grammy Award winner Sam Smith just posted this mic drop of a picture to his Twitter feed, apparently making it clear to anyone who follows him on social media that he will be singing the theme song from Sam Mendes’ Spectre, which opens in November.

The timing of the announcement isn’t as strange as you may think. On Sunday evening, HitFix dropped a scoop claiming that the official theme song for Spectre will arrive on Tuesday – the same day that advance tickets go on sale in most markets. Maybe Sony has some plan in place where those who buy their Spectre tickets early get a free download of the new track? That’s pure speculation, though it would be a very nice way to reward fans.

Speaking of pure speculation, there has been a significant amount of it surrounding the identity of the singer for the new James Bond theme song. The gambling practices of several UK bookies led us to believe that the experimental rock outfit Radiohead had secured the gig. At the same time, pop singer Ellie Goulding had people on her scent after she posted an image of Abbey Road Studios with the message "That’s a wrap." Since Skyfall was recorded there, several people jumped to conclusions.

The ring on Sam Smith’s finger is the one worn by members of the evil organization Spectre, as seen in the latest Bond trailer:

It’s possible that he’s pulling people’s chains, and he didn’t sing the new theme song. But I’m willing to be that his Twitter pic is more than a clue. It’s a reveal. And we will hear his new song tomorrow. In the meantime, Sam Mendes’ next James Bond movie – with Daniel Craig in the lead role of super agent 007 – will open in theaters on November 6. This is getting close to the end of the line for Daniel Craig in the iconic role (if you believe a lot of the behind-the-scenes chatter). Let’s see if he can go out with a bang.

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