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Jason Bateman And Jennifer Aniston Use The Baster

This may be the worst idea for a movie title ever. Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman will be in a new film together. It’s called The Baster. Yes, the title refers to a turkey baster. No they aren’t using it to cook a Thanksgiving feast.

Jennifer Aniston is pretty and all, but I really don’t want the image of Jason Bateman inseminating her with a plastic tube stuck in my head. Yet that’s exactly what you’ll have bouncing around your noggin, the first time you see them on a poster with the words “The Baster” plastered on it. It’s inevitable. Vomit.

Luckily the movie itself won’t actually feature the use of a turkey baster. Jason Bateman will get to use super high-tech means to splash Jen with his seed. According to Variety the movie has Bateman playing an insecure man whose best friend, played by Aniston, wants a baby. She tries artificial insemination, but he’s such a freakazoid that he secretly replaces her donor’s sperm with his own, and then has to live with the secret of what he’s done when his boys do their job and she gets knocked up.

Actually, I’m not sure this is much better than being forced to see him just flat out shoot her with a squeeze bottle. Gross. Expect lots of masturbation jokes followed by hilarious gags in which Bateman struggles to keep Aniston from finding out that he’s had sex with her by proxy. Ten years ago this probably would have been a Hugh Grant movie.