There are a lot of reasons not to be excited about the new Wolverine movie. From the mediocrity of the first effort to Darren Aronofsky being shown the door, there are far more question marks than pluses, but hey, maybe this new rumor will help tip the balance back to the middle a little bit.

According to Twitch Film, Jessica Biel has been offered the role of Viper in The Wolverine. That might not mean a lot to many of you, but to hardcore nerds, it should bring some excitement. Viper is a force within Hydra, and her relationship with the protagonist is complicated and even involved a marriage at some point. Her casting should offer plenty of options since she can be a love interest, a foe, a colleague or all of the above.

No deals have been signed and nothing is set in stone, but if she does board, it would make a lot of sense. Given the so-so response from fans to the first endeavor, it’s important for The Wolverine to not only be good but also a bit splashy. Biel’s casting would bring a lot of buzz and excitement from fanboys, and as a capable actress, she would definitely be able to handle the material.

We’ll let you know if this potential deal begins making forward progress. She should be affordable and available for the shoot, but these things are never fully done until the camera starts rolling.

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