Josh Hartnett May Play Nemesis To Channing Tatum's Thor

It’s been a big day for speculation on Marvel’s upcoming Thor solo film. Earlier today some sites started circulating the wild rumor that an actor named Alexander Skarsgard may be up for the role. Now there’s more rumor to add into the mix.

IESB says that Channing Tatum may also be up for the movie’s blonde, buff, lead though even they believe Alexander would be director Kenneth Branagh’s preference.

They’re also taking a stab at who may play the movie’s villain, Loki the God of Mischief. They say Josh Hartnett has met with Kenneth about the role and is on the director’s short list to play the godly bad guy.

For now it’s all wild rumor and half-cocked speculation. Don’t start those stop Josh Hartnett web petitions just yet.

Josh Tyler