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Judi Dench Added To The Cast Of Clint Eastwood's J. Edgar

Because his last couple projects didn't go over so well with either critics or audiences, Clint Eastwood has a lot to prove with his next film, a biopic about J. Edgar Hoover. Kicking things off, he has already begun collecting some extremely talented actors, including Leonardo DiCaprio in the lead role and Armie Hammer as Hoover's right-hand man, Clyde Tolson (Charlize Theron, who would play Helen Gandy, Hoover's personal secretary, is still in talks). If Theron's negotiations falls through, however, he will at least have one Oscar winner in his cast. Sandwich John Films had the chance to speak with Eastwood on the red carpet of the California Hall Of Fame, and when asked if Theron had been officially added to the film, the director responded by saying, "We think she will be in the film. And Judi Dench is definitely in the film and there we are.

Because the last two years have been completely devoid of Bond movies, we haven't been seeing too much of Dench lately, but 2011 should be a solid year for her (she has Pirates of the Caribbean 4, Jane Eyre and My Week With Marilyn all coming out). We don't know what role she will be playing, but here's hoping she gets to be an authoritative figure that yells at Hoover whenever he does something wrong or unethical. It's really what she does best.

Eric Eisenberg
Eric Eisenberg

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