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Juno Sequel Makes The Internet Even More Shameful

Diablo Cody has been accused of being attention-seeking and shamelessly self-promoting, but she’s nothing compared to the guy who’s using her Oscar-winning screenplay to make a quick buck for himself. Slashfilm has the scoop on an eBay page where a guy claims to have written Juno 2, and is selling the screenplay for a starting bid of $100,000.

No, seriously. The seller, under the name _in_paradise, writes “Your lawyers will tell you the names will have to be changed, so we will call this 111 page script Juno-like or Junoesque. A 4-page sample is available via e-mail."

I think it goes without saying that this plan is going to fail miserably, and no production company worth its operating costs is going to pay for a sequel to a movie that’s already been criticized for its wordiness from a screenwriter who resorts to selling his scripts on eBay. For that matter, no production company should buy a script off eBay, period.

Slashfilm also has the cover art for the BluRay DVD of Juno, which is gorgeous and clever and, really, more interesting than the fact that some nutjob is selling his lame script on eBay. I almost feel guilty for giving the guy any attention whatsoever, but I guess it can serve as a cautionary tale to aspiring screenwriters who think that eBay will be their launchpad to fame. We all know it’s a career as a stripper that really does the trick.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend