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Kate Beckinsale Is Out Of Underworld For Good

We know she’s not in Underworld 3, but Kate Beckinsale’s husband Len Wiseman is still involved in the franchise and there had been some slim hope that she might return for future entries in the franchise. Beckinsale though, has other plans.

Speaking to ShockTillYouDrop, she makes it pretty clear that she’s done with playing a curvaceous, spandexed up vampire chick. Says Kate, “I feel like I've played that character enough times that I don't think I'd be excited to play the same character again.” She’s got vampire babe burn-out, and seems more than happy to leave the whole thing to someone else. “I feel like I'm kind of done with that,” she says.

Luckily, they’ve managed to find the next best thing to Beckinsale for Underworld 3. Rhona Mitra is a dead ringer for Kate, and aren’t these movies all about style over substance anyway? Looks are all that matter and it’s unlikely Beckinsale’s hotness will be missed when Rhona Mitra’s strutting around the screen in revealing medieval spandex.