Usually casting rumor stories that involve following a rabbit hole of tweets and tumblr posts aren't worth the effort, but if you're a fan of the rapper Kid Cudi-- or are worried about the direction Michael Bay is taking with his Ninja Turtles reboot-- you might want to follow this one anyway. The Huffington Post noticed a handful of tweets and tumblr posts from Kid Cudi that seemed to strongly suggest he'll be involved in the Ninja Turtles movie-- maybe as an actor, maybe as a singer, maybe providing craft services for all we know. Yes, the rumor is that fuzzy at this point.

Here's what happened. It started with this Tumblr post from Cudi, in which he shows off a sketch of "an unknown Ninja Turtle" that was clearly made this year, and given to him by "my homes Andrew Form and Brad Fuller over at Platinum Dunes"-- Dunes being Bay's production company that's behind the Turtles reboot. He ended the post saying "hint hint mane," suggesting that there's more to this than just an awesome gift to a talented rapper. You can see the drawing for yourself below.

He followed it up with a tweet promising that "there is NOTHING to worry about" with the Turtles reboot, and "Everyone will be pleased!" Clearly he's been getting some insider info of some kind from Form and Fuller, and between that and the drawing, it seems safe to assume Cudi is at least nominally involved. But to do what? He has acting experience from How To Make It In America, but that's not exactly rock-solid evidence he should be cast in a feature film. I smell a 2010s version of "The Ninja Rap" coming-- but hey, maybe they'll make intentionally great this time?

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