Kristen Stewart Joins Michelle Williams In Small Town Drama

After the Twilight saga ended, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson seemed headed on similar, yet different paths. While Pattinson went on to somewhat successfully follow an indie path, hitching star on David Cronenberg's wagon numerous times since the series' final entry; Stewart seemed to have diminished returns on her indie quest. With the first Cesar handed to an American actress on her mantle, Stewart's luck looks to have changed for the better... and her next project could continue the streak, as she's joined Kelly Reichardt's latest project.

Deadline announced that Kristen Stewart has joined the Night Moves director's latest drama, which is untitled at the moment, but has some award nominees in its canon. Stewart will be co-starring with Michelle Williams and Laura Dern in this project about, "a series of vignettes that revolve around the lives of people in small-town Montana." Her segment would be about a lawyer from Idaho who's determined to make it as a teacher in this small town, and also covers a friendship she strikes up with a local.

Despite the tarnishing her image, both in her personal and professional life, Kristen Stewart has proven that she still has a career that could go some really good places. How quickly people forget that the girl from Panic Room grew into the woman who actually managed to put in a great performance in Adventureland. In fact, it could even be said that her chemistry with Jessie Eisenberg was much more believable than that of her performance with her now ex-boyfriend throughout their entire tenure in the Twilight series. Nowhere is that clearer than the clip from the film's finale, shown below.

While Kristen Stewart still has some work to do before she overcomes the albatross that is Stephenie Meyer's sparkling love fest, she definitely seems to have some really good guidance and/or instincts pointing her in the right direction. Which also raised the question, if called upon, will Stewart be involved in the new Twilight shorts the franchise is looking to produce? While some might say this would be a move backwards, it would maintain a great deal of goodwill between Stewart and the fans. Either way, if Kristen Stewart keeps it going with the upward trajectory of her career, that Marvel gig she's angling for might just happen yet.

Clouds Of Sils Maria is pegged for an April 10, 2015 release date. No production start or release date have been specified for the untitled Kelly Reichardt project.

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