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Listen To Lindsay Lohan Berate Her Canyons Co-Star In Leaked Audio From The Set

Yesterday, the New York Times ran an in depth piece about Lindsay Lohan and her involvement in in Paul Schrader's film The Canyons, which included details about the actor's behavior on set, how she was almost fired from the movie, her hesitance to shoot a love scene, and plenty of other fascinating tidbits about the film's production. Today comes a bit of leaked audio from the set, which gives us an earful of Lohan arguing with the director and her co-star James Deen during production.

TMZ has acquired an audio recording from the set of The Canyons, a yet-to-be-released film directed by Paul Schrader and written by Bret Easton Ellis. TMZ's sources say the audio was recorded on the third day of production. Listen to it below:

In the recording, which becomes muffled at times, Lohan can be heard speaking to her co-star James Deen as they prepare to begin rehearsing a scene. Some of her comments come off as tense, bossy or just rude.. "Let's act," she can be heard saying, after she instructs him on how to stand for the scene. "Come on, I know it's for fun for you but let's do it." Afterward, she argues back and forth with the director, and then when she and Deen begin rehearsing the scene, he hesitates and she berates Deen, telling him to "Do your f--king job."

It's hardly a tirade - we've certainly heard worse leaked audio from movie sets - and Lohan's behavior could be chalked up to a bad mood. We've all had them. But in the wake of the recently posted extensive report from the set of the film, in which the NY Times' Stephen Rodrick goes into detail about the filming of the movie and Lohan's behavior on set, the audio only seems to reinforce the report.

Kelly West
Kelly West

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