Little Kids Dubbing The Star Wars 7 Trailer Is Too Adorable To Handle

The latest trailer for J.J. AbramsStar Wars: The Force Awakens may be awesome, and by this point you’ve got every frame committed to memory, but you probably wouldn’t describe it as adorable. At least not until you watch this video of small children dubbing all of the dialogue. Now it’s a whole different ball game.

This video comes from Mashable, who apparently have their own stable of child voiceover actors to rerecord all of the dialogue, narration, and sound effects. It’s damn near impossible to watch this and not crack a giant smile as the kids recreate the beep boop beeps of R2-D2, the whoosh of a squadron of X-Wing Fighters soaring past, the pew pew pew of blasters firing, and Chewbacca’s signature Wookiee groan. Everything except the music.

You may have noticed that things are definitely less ominous here, as these kids are nowhere near serious and grim as in the original incarnation. I’d hope not, because if they were, there are probably some bigger issues to contend with. And they’re definitely less grizzled than Harrison Ford’s old Han Solo saying, "Chewie, we’re home." It’s also just stupidly cute that one of the little girls involved in this video is actually named Leia. That rules, and she may have very much been born just to do this.

If you need a refresher, or just want to watch The Force Awakens trailer as it was intended, take a gander at it below.

The closer we get, the more information about Star Wars: The Force Awakens leaks out into public view, but that still doesn’t amount to much. Just the other day, we did learn that Andy Serkis will once again perform entirely in motion capture, and that his character is named Supreme Leader Snoke. We don’t know who he is, or what his role will be (there was actually a rumor a while back that he could be playing two roles, so we’ll have to wait and see how that shakes out), as there is no Snoke that we know of in the Star Wars universe to provide clues, but it certainly sounds impressive.

Recently, one superfan took it upon himself to gather together all of the rumors and reports and leaks and bits of innuendo floating around in regards to The Force Awakens and combine them, along with some educated guesses, into a complete outline of the movie. As with everything else related to this film, we’ll have to wait another six months to find out how close he was, but it’s an impressive undertaking nonetheless.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens hits theaters everywhere on December 18.

Brent McKnight