Looks Like Tom Hiddleston May Not Be The Crow, But Alexander Skarsgard Could Be

The most exciting thing we've ever heard about the long in-development The Crow reboot arrived just a little more than a week ago when it was revealed that The Avengers' Tom Hiddleston had been having discussions about playing the title role. So naturally it turns out that those reports may have been overblown.

Deadline has effectively splashed cold water on the idea of seeing the Thor villain dress up in goth makeup and become Eric Draven, saying that "A simple conversation has been over-hyped and reported like it was going to happen." But while the site throws that option out the window, they offer up what they believe to be an actual possibility: Alexander Skarsgard. Apparently the True Blood star has been getting a ton of offers ever since his version of Tarzan was put on hold at Warner Bros, and the site says that The Crow "[is] Skarsgard’s role if he wants it."

The site has also shut down reports that there is anything real or official going on between Alex Pettyfer and the adaptation of EL James' Fifty Shades of Grey. Earlier this month we learned that Oscar-winning director Gus Van Sant is lobbying to helm the project and has gone as far as to film test footage starring Pettyfer as lead male character Christian Grey. Deadline seems to confirm that the test footage exists, but says that Pettyfer is not attached to the film in any way. Instead, Universal is still waiting on a draft from writer Kelly Marcel and searching for a director, adding, "They would not set any cast without input from a filmmaker."

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