According to Variety, Rogue pictures have reportedly whipped up the rights to the Devil's Due comic book series "Lost Squad". The tome follows a specialist team of American soldiers credited with the task of curbing all efforts by Hitler's armies to possess or develop supernatural weapons and warfare. The group feature a dynamic cast of characters such as a priest, a Sergeant who can speak to the dead, a professor, a psychic marksman, and an ex-con.

If you ask me, those pesky Nazi's can always be taken down another peg or two, and the potential for kick-assness is off the scale on this one. It's way too early to tell exactly what direction they're going to go in but it would be in John Q. Moviegoer's interest to steer clear of panel-for-shot interpretation here. There's a story to draw on in the books but it's the possibilities for new development which could provide a fantastic movie, not what's already been inked.

Seeing as the topic of Hitler's occult interests is actually rooted in conspiracy, I'm guessing that's gonna be the most attractive route for screen fodder. The formation of a team in response to growing threat is a story we've all seen before but even I must admit, this story sounds cool and the characters would be fascinating on screen. Let's hope it gets it's dues. More Watchmen, less LXG.

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