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Every Sundance seems to have an "it girl" actress that nobody could stop talking about, and this year we were lucky enough have two. We've already seen the trailer for one of the two movies that got everyone buzzing about Brit Marling-- that'd be Another Earth, coming from Fox Searchlight this summer-- and now it's time for all of you to get to know Elizabeth Olsen. She starred in two Sundance films, including the single-take thriller Silent House, but the one that really got everyone talking was Martha Marcy May Marlene, the atmospheric and exceptionally well made drama from first-time director Sean Durkin. It's been compared to best of work by Michael Haneke, and now you can get a look at the film in the first trailer, which hit Apple.com today and is also embedded below.

That big, wide-eyed expressive face you see at the center of nearly every scene belongs to Olsen, younger sister of Mary-Kate and Ashley who, in just her two Sundance films, showed more than enough talent to eclipse her famous sisters. She completely dominates a cast that includes plenty of other heavy hitters, including recent Oscar nominee John Hawkes as the leader of the cult-like group she joins, Sarah Paulson as her older sister and Hugh Dancy as her frustrated fiancee. While the trailer lays on the suspense and intrigue of the film a little thick-- it's more of a contemplative character piece than an outright thriller-- but whatever will get more audiences to see this remarkable movie is fine by me. Martha Marcy May Marlene comes to theaters in October, also from Fox Searchlight--it's a studio that really likes its Sundance It Girls apparently.