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We’ve now had several weeks to digest everything that went on in Captain America: Civil War. But while most us were enthralled with the disintegration of The Avengers, the debut of Black Panther and Spider-Man, and probably Marvel’s best action sequence to date, there was a romance in Captain America: Civil War that mostly went unnoticed and the internet is now trying to turn into a reality. No, not between Scarlet Witch and the Vision, it’s between Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers.

The good people of the internet have now kick-started a campaign to try and get Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes into a relationship, with the hashtag #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend now doing the rounds across Twitter. This hashtag started to trend earlier this week, and it soon became hugely popular with the masses. Why? Because the bromance between Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers has now arced across three solo Captain America films, and it would make perfect sense for the duo to let their inhibitions go and embrace each other as lovers. Fans of the hashtag soon took to Twitter to share their support, and they didn’t let us down with their creations.

Even better:

  And one of our favorites:

  Oh, OK. A few more. Like this one:

And this one really, really hits the mark:


As you can probably imagine, not everyone was happy with this proposal though. Almost instantly, a mixture of Marvel die-hards and other naysayers soon start Tweeting why they don’t believe the studio should just make Captain America gay. 

And this one:


There is one slight problem with this hashtag though: Civil War saw Captain America locking lips with Emily VanCamp’s Sharon Carter. Who also just so happens to be the niece of his ex-girlfriend. While they also made out immediately after Peggy Carter's funeral, too! Which is wrong, on so many levels. In fact, people who oppose Captain America being gay and don’t have a problem with that need to take a long hard look at themselves in the mirror before then hopefully re-adjusting their priorities. 

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