Mary Harron Sticking With Supernatural Teens For Wicked Lovely

Mary Harron is still best known as a director for American Psycho, an unsettling descent into the male ego, but for her two newest projects she's focusing not just on girls, but the kind of supernatural stories that teenage girls are snapping up in droves these days. She's wrapped shooting The Moth Diaries, an adaptation of a young adult novel about vampires at a girl's boarding school, and Deadline reports that she's been hired by Universal to direct Wicked Lovely, an adaptation of the book series by Melissa Marr.

Oddly enough another female director known for making a film about men, Stop/Loss's Kimberly Peirce, had been set to direct Wicked Lovely as of last fall. It's unclear what's changed or if Peirce voluntarily dropped out, but with the final book in the series having been published in February, I imagine Universal is eager to go ahead and get the movie shot. The story revolves around a teenage girl who has been able to see the magical "faery" creatures her entire life but pretended she couldn't, and who is suddenly commanded by the Faery King to become his queen. It sounds like typical fantasy novel stuff, and it's hard to see how it might translate to the screen, but with the Twilight franchise winding down, it's time for another female-centric fantasy franchise to take its place, and this one seems at least more interesting than all that Bella and Edward nonsense.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend