Megan Fox As Batman 3's Catwoman?

Megan Fox is being rumored to play Catwoman, joining a long line of completely incorrect Catwoman announcements foisted on the moviegoing public by the attention-whoring British tabloid media. This particular one comes from The Sun, which I refuse to link to because even if this somehow turns out to be true, they’ve generated so many of these fake Batman 3 casting rumors that they really don’t deserve it.

This time The Sun insists that she’s been signed to play the character. To substantiate their claim they present, well, nothing and then pronounce that Batman 3 will be shot next year and released in 2011. Unfortunately, out here in reality, no one’s really certain whether the movie is even happening let alone when.

So why, you ask, do blogs like this one continue reporting these bullshit British tabloid casting rumors? Two reasons really. First, because when we don’t you, our dear readers, inevitably end up asking us why we haven’t. Second, because the one time we don’t report one of their bullshit casting rumors it will, of course, turn out to be true.

Is Megan Fox as Catwoman true? Probably not. She’s been nothing but disdainful toward the notion of casting her as any superhero character in the past. When asked if she wanted to play Wonder Woman for instance, Megan said: “She's lame. She flies around in an invisible jet, but she's not invisible. I don't get it.” Catwoman perhaps fits her personality a little better but that doesn’t mean she’s doing it. We’ll let you know if there’s ever an official confirmation, until then The Sun’s track record demands that this be treated as casting vapor. Don't inhale.

Josh Tyler