Mother's Day Trailer: Watch Julia Roberts And Jennifer Aniston In A Mom-Com

After the success of a little Christmas movie by Richard Curtis called Love, Actually, Garry Marshall decided to try his hand at the holiday inspired, ensemble cast comedy. Following on his previous endeavors of Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve, we now have a trailer for his new film Mother’s Day. Bet you can’t guess when this one will be coming out. Check out the star-studded cast below.

As is the standard practice for these sorts of films, we’ll be following multiple characters and storylines as they relate to the holiday of the title. Thanks to the trailer, provided by Yahoo, we see that Julia Roberts plays a television host who doesn’t appear to have ever become a mother because her career got in the way. She crosses paths with Jennifer Aniston, a divorced mother of two boys, who in turn meets Jason Sudeikis, a single dad with daughters. You get how this is going to all work out. Kate Hudson and Britt Robertson look to make up the rest of the primary cast.

If there’s one thing Garry Marshall knows how to make it’s a successful romantic comedy. He teamed with Julia Roberts before for both Pretty Woman and Runaway Bride, and also directed the successful Princess Diaries movies. Mother’s Day looks to be chock full of charming people being adorable on screen. The combo of Julia Roberts with Jennifer Aniston will likely be too much for many romantic-comedy fans to resist. There’s nothing wrong with that.

While Valentine’s Day, which also co-starred Julia Roberts, was a box office champ, the follow-up New Year’s Eve didn’t do nearly as well at the box office. Ultimately both movies were profitable however and while they weren’t nearly as popular among critics, that rarely has an effect on whether follow-ups are made.

If done right, Mother’s Day, has the potential to have a bit more heart than its predecessors. While romance will certainly still be a key component of this movie, exploring the relationships between mothers and their children has the potential to make the movie dive a little deeper than your traditional romantic comedy. It also has the distinct potential to be a box office smash as every child alive takes their mom to the movies for Mother’s Day.

Does the multiple storyline, ensemble cast movie, interest you or is it more likely to drive you away from the theater? Do you have a favorite holiday-themed comedy? Let us know in the comments below. Mother's Day will get a jump on the actual holiday, giving you plenty of time to make plans with mom, when it comes out April 29.

Dirk Libbey
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