Do you remember 1999? Sure you do. It was the year Bill Clinton escaped impeachment, the year of the Columbine shootings, the year Napster debuted and Family Guy premiered on Fox. It was also the year of a lot of movies we may or may not remember so well, from Varsity Blues topping the box office in January to Any Given Sunday closing things out in December. This weekend's American Reunion got us thinking about all the other movies we loved besides American Pie in 1999, along with the movies we didn't pay any attention to back then but love today.

So, of course, we made a yearbook of them, figuring out which Senior Superlatives these movies would have won back in 1999, and how those reputations hold up today. If you caught our installment for the Class of 1997, you already know the drill. Is the year's Most Likely to Succeed winner still making great movies? Is Most Popular kid still as beloved? It's been a long time and a lot has happened in the meantime, so let's see where our favorites from the past stand today, looking at their 1999 Senior Superlatives and where they are now-- click on any images to see it in full size.

(Photoshop work by Kristy Puchko)

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