Nicole Kidman Is The Eighth Wonder

Nicole Kidman is set to star in a movie called The Eighth Wonder, and it has absolutely nothing to do with Heroes. That’s “9th Wonder”. Instead, this sounds like it’s more of a National Treasure knockoff than anything. And National Treasure was an Indiana Jones knockoff, making this a copy of a copy… and we all know how that works out.

According to HR Simon Kinberg is writing the script, and they’re out to make a movie about an archeological discovery which sets off a race around the world. They flat out admit that they’re trying to be to Indiana Jones what Bourne is to Bond. I’m surprised they didn’t throw some reference to The Dark Knight in there too. Riffing on Bond did work rather well for Bourne though, so perhaps there’s hope.

Kinberg is probably best known as the writer of Mr. and Mrs. Smith… at least that’s the only halfway decent thing he’s written. Unfortunately he’s also responsible for X-Men 3, Jumper, and that failed xXx sequel in which Ice Cube tried to be Vin Diesel.

Josh Tyler