Nicole Kidman In Talks For Memory Loss Thriller Before I Go To Sleep

In recent years Nicole Kidman's career has confounded me. While the Oscar winning actress has more than a few great movies on her resume and recently she has had amazing turns in movies like Rabbit Hole, but mostly she's been stuck doing dreck like Trespass, Just Go With It, and Bewitched. As a result it's nearly impossible to tell what she's doing with her future projects, including the new one she picked up today.

According to ScreenDaily (via Vulture), Kidman is in talks for the lead role in Before I Go To Sleep. The film is the latest directorial effort from Rowan Joffe, who previously made his feature debut with Brighton Rock in 2010 but is best known for writing scripts for movies like The American with George Clooney and 28 Weeks Later. Based on the S.J. Watson novel, the title has Kidman starring as a woman who loses 20 years of memory every time she wakes up in the morning. Every day she must work to try and put the pieces of her life back together using journals, a "mysterious neurologist" and a husband that she doesn't know if she can trust.

So it's a thriller version of 50 First Dates, a.k.a Memento + 50 First Dates? I suppose it could be solid with a good script, but as mentioned before I'm not sure that I trust Kidman to make that determination anymore. I guess that the best we can hope for is that Adam Sandler stays far, far away from it.

Eric Eisenberg
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