One Random Guy Is Really Trying To Make Wayne's World 3 Happen

Sometimes that perfect sequel is just waiting to be found, hiding in the recesses of Hollywood's many admirers. At least, that's what aspiring screenwriter Trevor Schindeler thinks, considering he's been trying to get Mike Myers to read his script for Wayne's World 3 for the last 23 years. Yes, you read that correctly.

Trevor Schindeler's ambitions started when Wayne's World II ended back in 1993, as he drafted the synopsis for Wayne's Leisure World: The Final Sequel?. This was merely the beginning of Schindeler's epic quest, as Uproxx reported that this synopsis eventually became a full fledged screenplay that Schindeler would try to put before the eyes of anyone who had something to do with the original Wayne's World films. And now, Schindeler is trying to drop an A-bomb of publicity on Mike Myers and his Wayne's World collaborators with one, grand gesture.

Schindeler's overall goal is to raise $2,500 in order to launch an “outdoor advertising” campaign that'll draw the attention he feels his script deserves. Over at the official Wayne's Leisure World: The Final Sequel? page, you can both read the screenplay and watch a fan trailer constructed to tell the story of the third, and possibly final, entry. Though, to be fair, that fan trailer is only the trailer for the original film with a voice-over from Trevor Schindeler explaining how the story of the new film is focused on Wayne and Garth in their “golden years.” It may not be much, but it's Schindeler's big push after being denied by the folks in Hollywood who have rejected him wholesale.

Of course, the truth is far less nefarious, as even Trevor Schindeler has proven with his several official rejection letters that his unsolicited Wayne's Leisure World: The Final Sequel? manuscript is obliged to be returned to him without being read. The simple fact is that Hollywood isn't shutting its doors to new ideas when it does this, it's covering itself against the litany of reasons an independent screenwriter might try to sue a studio. With lawsuits occasionally cropping up involving story theft, non-solicited material is the bane of any studio or talent agency's existence. So it's not that no-one wants to read a script to a second Wayne's World sequel, it's just that there are a lot of channels and connections needed for such a prospect to happen.

But perhaps the biggest roadblock in the progress of Trevor Schindeler's 23 year old dream is the fact that Mike Myers more than likely has little to no interest in a new Wayne's World film; and frankly, Paramount probably matches that level of enthusiasm. With Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues and Zoolander 2 both under-performing after years of fans shouting for their existence, Wayne's Leisure World: The Final Sequel? might be a scary prospect for the studio, as they've already been burnt twice. Still, with the 90's nostalgia boom still raging, maybe Schindeler's script is what the world needs right now. Then again, it may not, and frankly we'll probably never know which sentiment is the right one, as this is one of those films that seems doomed to never see the light of day.

If you're one of those fans who thinks Wayne's Leisure World: The Final Sequel? is a good, or even intriguing idea, you can read the full script at the film's official Go Fund Me page.

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