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OpKino Indie #1: Best Friends Forever Filmmaker Brea Grant

Hello Operation Kino Podcast Listeners!

I thought I'd introduce this grand experiment that is OPKINO: INDIE.

The normal Operation Kino Podcast and its format is something that we all take seriously. We can't be the people who consistently ask that filmmakers pay attention to their method of delivery without also paying attention to ours. The weekly podcast reviews a new release from that week that more than one of us gets to see because we all work "in the industry" and have access to publicists, press-screenings, screeners and events. When Katey and Patches aren't watching or writing about movies, they're managing other people writing about movies or on airplanes to locations like Pixar where Katey plays the bagpipes.

If your name starts with a "D" and you're an Operation Kino host, you're probably more on the production side of things. Be it David Ehrlich getting his MFA in film from Columbia to me working for Viacom on all their MTV shows about pregnancy (Da7e does not represent the opinions of Viacom or any affiliates, nor does he give a pass to Paramount movies).

Point being, OPKINO: INDIE exists so I can share with you what I feel is special about filmmaking: the drive to make your project happen despite the odds. We all are familiar with how the big studios push content in front of our faces, what about those people that are starting out? What's it like to eat only Pop Tarts and be the only gaffer? How much of your soul do you give away fundraising for your passion project? Why go through the trouble of shooting on film if digital is easier and cheaper?

OPKINO: INDIE will be an infrequent and shorter spinoff of it's mother 'cast, but will cover some of these questions by interviewing filmmakers, crew and creatives currently on the ground, making movies happen by sweat, blood and tears. I will be it's primary host and it will mostly be conducted through the interview format. I've been working in production since I graduated from NYU's Department of Dramatic Writing in 2007. My IMDB page is about 60% accurate, but doesn't cover my commercial, animated short or music video work. Point is, I know enough about what I'm talking about to ask some interesting questions. That's about it.

The best way to kick this venture off is with Brea Grant and her film Best Friends Forever (nothing to do with the NBC comedy). I first noticed Brea Grant as Jean, the only character from Friday Night Lights season 2 that I missed after it’s post-writer’s strike reboot. You might know her as Daphnie from Heroes, Mya from Halloween 2 or Ryan Chambers from Dexter. Currently, Brea is teamed with Veerah Meow from NCIS, CSI: Miami the highly recommended webseires Mission: Rebound as writers and producers for the independent film Best Friends Forever. It’s Vera and Brea’s co-writing debut and Brea’s directing debut.

Check out the stream here or get OPKINO: INDIE #1 in your iTunes by subscribing to the OpKino feed.

PLEASE head over to Best Friends Forever's Kickstarter page and consider DONATING.

You can follow me on Twitter @Da7e, the podcast @Opkino and Brea @breagrant.