The Perfect Way Jason Lee Announced He'll Be Back For Mallrats 2

It's pretty easy to argue that Jason Lee's Brodie Bruce is the best part of Kevin Smith's Mallrats, so it only makes sense that he would be included amongst the group of actors reuniting for the upcoming sequel, Mallrats 2. That being said, the announcement about the star's agreement to be in the movie is still the best one we've seen yet.

Post by Kevin Smith.

As you could probably tell, this post comes to us from Kevin Smith's personal Facebook account, and is a direct reference to one of the original Mallrats' greatest moments. Lee is now the sixth actor to join the cast of Mallrats 2, as he will be joining Smith (as Silent Bob), Jason Mewes (as Jay), Michael Rooker (as Jared Svenning), Shannen Doherty (as Rene) and Stan Lee (as himself). As the director notes in his message, there are still six more stars he plans to bring aboard before he believes his sequel cast to be complete.

For those that don't quite get the chocolate pretzel presence in the image above - meaning that you've never seen Mallrats or haven't seen it in a while - the reference is to a joke in the first film that saw the concept of the "stink palm" enter the cultural lexicon. Rather than just explaining what it is here, however, I'll let the infamous Brodie Bruce do it for me instead:

So who are the remaining six actors that Kevin Smith plans on recruiting for Mallrats 2? Thinking about the first film, some choices seem natural, and I would make a guess that the remaining lineup includes Jeremy London's T.S. Quint, Claire Forlani's Brandi, Joey Lauren Adams' Gwen, Renée Humphrey's Tricia, Ethan Suplee's Willam, and Ben Affleck's Shannon. But will all of them wind up being game or have the time to be a part of the project? Given the rate that Smith is announcing his recruits, it may not be long before we get answers.

Of course, what's fascinating about this whole process is the fact that Mallrats 2 isn't really even close to being Kevin Smith's next project. When the director first teased the project's existence earlier this month, it was notably and the end of a long list of movies he plans to make before it. This includes Clerks III (which is scheduled to shoot in May), the hockey dramedy Hit Somebody (which will be filming between September and December); and then the Canadian horror comedy Moose Jaws (which is on tap for February of next year). So while all this casting is exciting, it may be wise to not expect to see this movie any time before 2017.

Eric Eisenberg
Assistant Managing Editor

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