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Peter Jackson Adapting Sci-Fi Series Mortal Engines

At this point, what does it even mean when Peter Jackson options the rights to something new? The guy is involved in so many different projects as director and producer that it's unclear what he'll even manage to get made at this point. But if you follow his every move and are confident that he can keep making films for the next 50 years, you may be interested to hear that Jackson has apparently optioned the rights to Mortal Engines, the series of fantasy novels set in a futuristic world where cities are mobile and must destroy each other to survive.

The news comes from, where they called a Jackson rep who didn't deny the news, which is pretty close to confirming it. Work on adapting the first of the four books is apparently underway, with Weta Workshops, obviously, being tapped to design the cities. It sounds like a fascinating project, and following The Lovely Bones I think a lot of us would agree that Jackson may be better suited to straight-up fantasy. But the question remains: how will he ever actually find the time to get this made?

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend