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Is Pineapple Express News For Huey Lewis?

Seth Rogen’s got the musical munchies. The actor, who both wrote and stars in next year’s Pineapple Express, is on the lookout for someone to create the theme song for the drug-comedy, and he’s turning his sights in a unique direction: ‘80s musical superstar Huey Lewis.

According to EW’s Hollywood Insider, Rogen was seen having lunch with the former frontman of the News. On the menu: discussion of music for Pineapple Express. Apparently Rogen is looking for something akin to “Power of Love” (from the Back to the Future soundtrack). Where better to turn than to the person who created that theme song?

The reported lunch happened a couple of weeks ago and nothing concrete has been seen since then, so there’s no telling whether Rogen and Lewis made a deal or just had a nice lunch shooting the breeze. With the movie not due in theaters until late next summer, there’s plenty of time for Huey Lewis to reunite the News and come up with something if that’s where his interests lie.