Pirates, Troy, And A Rescue Mission: Community Movie Plot Revealed?

Ever since the second season of Community, fans have had a very clear idea of how they’ve wanted the future of the show to play out. To put it in five simple words: six seasons and a movie. Now that the show is about to actually start its sixth season – thanks to a last minute pick-up by Yahoo! Screen earlier this summer – the idea of an actual Community movie seems like a real possibility. But what would it be about? Today at San Diego Comic-Con, show creator Dan Harmon dropped a very interesting hint.

Speaking at what was dubbed the “Community Reborn” panel in the San Diego Convention Center’s Ballroom 20, Harmon was asked by the moderator about the potential future for beloved character Troy Barnes in Season 6, and while it doesn’t sound like Donald Glover will be coming back for the next season of the series, the showrunner did say one very interesting thing about what’s currently going on with Troy within the continuity of the show:

”Troy’s out there somewhere. That’s what movies are made of.”

And he’s not wrong. Those who watched the fifth season of Community know that Troy made his exit from the show when offered a chance to earn a massive inheritance from Pierce Hawthorne by sailing a boat around the world along with LaVar Burton. Unfortunately – as fans picked up in hidden Easter Eggs hidden later in the season – the boat wound up being seized by pirates in the Gulf of Mexico and both Troy and his traveling companion were captured.

So where does a movie come in? While it was a little hard to tell if Harmon was joking at times, he did suggest a connection to Star Trek III: The Search For Spock (i.e. Community: The Search For Troy), and even tossed out an idea suggesting that perhaps LaVar Burton was able to get away from the pirates and started a kickstarter to raise the funds to save his friend.

All of this is definitely speculation for now, as Dan Harmon and the folks at Sony have not officially gone on the record saying that the Community movie is something that is confirmed to actually be happening, despite the fact that fans have been clamoring for it for years. Even if the movie does get made, we don’t even really have an idea of what it would be or even how it would be distributed. With all of that said, do you like this potential idea for the Community film? Do you think that it could actually happen? Let us know what you are thinking in the comments section below.

Eric Eisenberg
Assistant Managing Editor

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