Are you a “Hawaiia Da Hui-type”? Can you ride a jet-ski? Do you think you can play a nervous surfboard shaper? How do you look in a nose ring? If you can latch onto any one of these attributes or many others, you might get to be in a real motion picture sequel! Not just any sequel; this will be a sequel that will make Godfather II look like Ernest Saves Christmas. Of course I’m talking about Point Break 2.

According to Movie Hole casting is underway on the Jan De Bont directed sequel (actually called Point Break: Indo) to the 1991 cult hit surfing thriller that starred Patrick Swayze, Keanu Reeves, and Gary Busey. They are reportedly looking for extras in Bali where one man claims he was interviewed by casting agents who video taped him and asked him how long he’d been surfing and if he could ride a jet ski, which the man thought was “for one of the big robbery scenes or something". That sounds like good solid info.

The article goes on to list some lead and supporting roles that currently being cast. They include,

BUFFALO – A “Hawaiia Da Hui-type” he is part of Dali’s clan of surfer thieves. During heists, he wears a mask of Colin Powell’s face. Buffalo and Dali laugh about Billy’s attempts to surf the waves of Ombak, and Buffalo’s not sure they should trust Billy, but the also help him recover from his injuries. During a fracus with Agung, Buffalo swings his opponent around like an Olympic hammer thrower… SUPPORTING

TAY – in his 20s ultra fit he’s a Japanese/Korean man and he’s part of Dali’s clan of surfer thieves. During heists, Tay wears a Donald Rumsfeld mask to hide his identity. When Billy is injured, Tay fixes him back up, using a combination of lime juice and super glue. He is amused by Billy’s reactions…. SUPPORTING

CAPTAIN – The Captain of the Johannes Geise Vessel, he calls “mayday!” when the Bush Gang of criminals boards his ship. He is forced by Dali to open his safe… 3 lines, 3 scenes

There are more, but you can see that the plot will involve someone being nursed back to health using lime juice and super glue. As we noted back in November 2007, the movie will focus on sea pirates that wear masks. In this case, a former military operative and pro surfer, Billy Dalton, is attempting to infiltrate the gang. It looks like Keanu Reeves character is completely out, but it’s still unclear if Patrick Swayze will be involved. As long as they have the guy who swings people around like a hammer, do they really need Bohdi?

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