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The Fall Guy: 6 Things To Know About The Ryan Gosling And Emily Blunt Movie

Ryan Gosling in Drive
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In a couple of years, Ryan Gosling will star in a movie about a Hollywood stuntman who finds himself in a mess of trouble in the City of Angels. Right off the bat, this sounds a whole lot like the 2011 neo-noir crime thriller, Drive, but this upcoming TV-to-film adaptation is something far different from what most consider one of Gosling’s best movies. The Fall Guy, which is also set to feature Emily Blunt in a leading role, is the longtime project of Bullet Train director David Leitch, one that will offer a new spin on a classic ‘80s action series.

If this is the first you’re hearing of The Fall Guy, don’t worry, because we’re about to break down one of the early contenders for the 2024 Action Movie of the Year. Below we will break down everything we know about the movie so far, including its release date, the players both in front of and behind the camera, and other details that will hopefully make you just as excited for what’s to come.

Ryan Gosling in Drive

(Image credit: FilmDistrict)

The Fall Guy Is Set To Open Theatrically In March 2024

Even though 2024 is still a little more than a year away, it’s never too early to get excited for all the big movies coming to theaters in the near future. Throughout the year, we’ll be able to see movies like the long-awaiting A Quiet Place: Day One spinoff title, the mysterious Captain America: New World Order, and so much more in the first few months of 2024.

Another big addition to that list is The Fall Guy, which will be released theatrically by Universal Pictures on March 1, 2024. Audiences will get to jump right into what sounds like a promising and action-packed big-screen experience with two of the biggest names in Hollywood today. Speaking of which…

Ryan Gosling in The Gray Man; Emily Blunt in Edge of Tomorrow

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Ryan Gosling And Emily Blunt Are The First Two Additions To The Fall Guy Cast

At this point in time, only two names have been revealed from The Fall Guy cast list, but these two Hollywood stars happen to be two of the most prolific actors working in show business today. Back in September 2020, when David Leitch’s version of the movie first started to pick up steam, The Hollywood Reporter published a story revealing Ryan Gosling as the lead in the upcoming stuntman action drama. Nearly two years later, in August 2022, Deadline revealed that Emily Blunt, whose own list of best movies includes a few thrilling action spectacles, would join Gosling in the 2024 picture.

Shockingly enough, The Fall Guy will be the first time Gosling and Blunt will have worked together, making this whole experience a long time coming. The rest of the cast has yet to be revealed, but that should change in the coming months as production begins to pick up.

Lee Majors on The Fall Guy

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The Fall Guy Is Based On The ‘80s TV Show Of The Same Name Starring Lee Majors

As audiences, we have grown accustomed to seeing TV shows based on movies, with modern examples like Fargo, Snowpiercer, and Cobra Kai, but rarely is it the other way around. Sure, there have been successful film franchises like the Mission: Impossible movies over the years that have turned a long-dormant property into a box office sensation, but it’s not seen all that much for the most part. Well, The Fall Guy will potentially earn a spot on that short list upon its debut in March 2024.

If the movie is anything like the series on which it is based, it will follow a Hollywood stuntman (with Ryan Gosling presumably taking over the role first portrayed by Lee Majors) who turns to the life of a bounty hunter to help make ends meet, according to Variety. In the event that element of the story makes it to the big screen, a role like that will be right up Gosling’s alley, as he's made a career out of playing dark, cold-as-ice, and charismatic characters. 

dwayne johnson hobbs & shaw trailer screenshot

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Hobbs And Show Writer Drew Pearce Penned The Fall Guy Script

When it comes to penning the script for The Fall Guy, David Leitch turned to the writer with whom he found a great deal of success with the release of Fast and Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw. When The Hollywood Reporter first announced the movie back in September 2020, the outlet also revealed that Drew Pearce, the man who helped come up with some of those insane moments in the 2019 spinoff film, was coming on board to adapt The Fall Guy from a TV show into a movie.

In addition to writing Hobbs and Shaw, Pearce’s body of work includes Iron Man 3, Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation, and Hotel Artemis, the latter of which he also directed. Pearce also wrote and directed the 2014 short film, Marvel One-Shot: All Hail the King.

Ryan Gosling leans out of a train with a gun in hand in The Gray Man.

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Production On The Fall Guy Is Expected To Kick Off In Fall 2022 In Australia

Although the rest of the cast and exact plot details have yet to be revealed, production on The Fall Guy is expected to kick off at some point in fall 2022 in Australia, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The exact start of production, as well as the duration of the shoot, has not been released at this time, but expect to hear more about that in the coming weeks and months.

Brad Pitt vs. Bad Bunny in Bullet Train

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David Leitch Is Incorporating His Own Experiences On Film Sets Into The Fall Guy

Before stepping in the director’s chair for movies like John Wick, Atomic Blonde, and Deadpool 2, David Leitch had a long and storied career as one of Hollywood’s premier stuntmen. Over the years, Leitch performed stunts in everything from Fight Club to Daredevil, and XXX: State of the Union to X-Men Origins: Wolverine, gaining invaluable experience in the process. When talking about The Fall Guy in an August 2022 interview with Collider, Leitch revealed that he will be drawing from those experiences, as well as those of his fellow producers, for the upcoming movie:

We'll definitely want to have fun with the movie world. I think, again, for all of us involved, it's sort of like, 'Yes, it's about a stuntman.' So whatever drama that's happening to this guy, it's like any other movie. It's a great world for that drama to be happening in. And then it's so rich with anecdotes from Kelly [McCormick, producer]'s experiences, my experiences, Ryan's experiences. We're definitely going to have a lot of fun playing with the movie, our movie experiences inside of this movie.

A movie about a stuntman who finds another line of work sounds like the perfect project for someone with a record like Leitch, and will hopefully give the film another layer of realism.

Expect to hear more about The Fall Guy as we get closer to its March 1, 2024 release. But in the meantime, check out CinemaBlend's 2023 movie release schedule so you don't miss anything while you wait.

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