The first line of the Veronica Mars theme song, "We Used to Be Friends" by The Dandy Warhols, speaks of a broken friendship that has dissolved into memory, but what’s strange is that the relationship between the show and its fans couldn’t be more opposite. While the series only lasted three seasons and was cancelled all the way back in 2007, so-called "Marshmallows" have never given up hope that we would get to see more of the spunky private detective played by Kristen Bell. It turns out that keeping hope alive actually does pay off sometimes.

One of the most significant stories of last year unfolded on March 13th when the creative team behind Veronica Mars began a Kickstarter campaign that they hoped would help get the movie made. This plan worked out insanely well, as the project broke site records and ultimately raised $5.7 million. Production came together just a few months after that, with filming taking place in Los Angeles, and it was during this time that a small group of journalists including myself were invited to come out to the set of the film to both watch the filmmaking process and talking with the filmmakers and actors behind the movie.

Directed by show creator Rob Thomas, Veronica Mars picks up nearly a decade after the events featured in the last episode of the series and finds the titular heroine not only being pulled back to her hometown of Neptune, California after being away for years, but also into a murder investigation where the lead suspect is Logan Echolls (Jason Dohring), Veronica’s ex-boyfriend. The movie will bring back just about every cast member you can remember, including Percy Daggs III, Tina Majoirino, Francis Capra, Krysten Ritter, Ken Marino, Ryan Hansen, Daran Norris and Enrico Colantoni.

On set at a bar in downtown Los Angeles called The Edison, I got to watch the movie’s big high school reunion scene, and picked up a lot of interesting info talking the director and a handful of stars. What did I discover? Read on to find out! And as the title indicates, we'll be talking about the plot with some detail, so consider yourself spoiler-warned!

Veronica Mars
The Season 3 cliffhanger is resolved.
One of the key reasons why Veronica Mars fans have always pushed for the show’s storyline to continue is because the original series actually didn’t get the chance to tie up its plotlines in a nice little bow. The show left audiences eternally wondering of whether or not Veronica’s dad, Keith Mars (Enrico Colantoni), would manage to win the election for town sheriff. Not only will the movie finally resolve that situation, it won’t waste any time doing it.

"We do talk about the results of the election," Thomas told us, only briefly sitting down with us at the start of the set visit. "We learn in the first scene of the movie that Keith was indicted, that he lost the election, that he probably can’t be a cop again, because of what Veronica had done," he said, referring to Veronica being responsible for tampering with evidence.

So obviously the way things worked out for Keith immediately after the events of the series didn’t exactly work out so well for him… but he wasn’t the only one that ended up being shell-shocked by the events.

Veronica Mars
Veronica starts the movie by wanting out of the P.I. game.
From the very first episode, Veronica Mars completely identified herself with her job as a private detective – even when it meant uncovering some truly horrific secrets in her neighborhood and shattering people’s lives. By the end of the show’s three seasons she was a very different woman who had definitely started to feel the severe weight of everything she had scene. So what’s the fallout? At the start of the film she has actually completely left the P.I. game behind and hasn’t worked a case in nearly a decade.

Instead, the spunky protagonist has channeled her smarts into getting a degree from Columbia Law School, and when we meet up with her she is in the process of looking for a job at a law firm. Obviously all of these plans are disrupted when she is called back to Neptune for her high school reunion and to help Logan (Jason Dohring) acquit himself of murder chargers. She is desperate to move on with her life, but there is a Godfather Part III element in her struggle.

"There is very much a ‘just when I think I’m out they pull me back in’ nature to the storyline of the movie," Thomas explained. "She is on the verge of sort of starting her full-fledged adult life and she gets this call to go back to Neptune and be a detective again."

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