Romy And Michele's High School Reunion Alumni Roundup: The Cast Then And Now

It's been close to two decades since Romy and Michele's High School Reunion arrived in theaters delivering what has proven to be a truly perfect mashup of 80s and 90s pop culture. Looking back, this movie is so 90s it's like not even funny...


Except it is funny. (Obviously.)


If the film were a person, it'd be graduating high school around this time, so what better time to take a look at the talented cast of the 1997 comedy to see what they've been up to since Tucson (Wooo!).


Mira Sorvino (Romy White)

Mira Sorvino was coming off an Oscar win for Mighty Aphrodite when she took on the role of Romy White in Romy and Michele. Since then, her credits have included At First Sight, Union Square, and more recently, she played the part of Sara in TNT's Falling Skies.

lisa kudrow

Lisa Kudrow (Michele Weinberger)

Friends was already on the rise when Lisa Kudrow starred in Romy and Michele, and the NBC comedy would continue into the next decade. Since then, we've seen her in Easy A, Scandal and her Showtime comedy Web Therapy. She also made a comeback for the return of the underrated HBO comedy The Comeback in 2014.

Elaine hendrix

Elaine Hendrix (Lisa Luder)

Though she turns out to be the nice A-Grouper in Romy and Michele, Elaine Hendrix played some memorably antagonistic roles since then, including the father's girlfriend in The Parent Trap remake and Molly Shannon's rival Evian in Superstar. Among her recent roles, she's signed on to play Ava in FX's new series Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll.

Janeane garofalo

Janeane Garofalo (Heather Mooney)

Janeane Garofalo was coming off Reality Bites and the under-appreciated gem that was Bye Bye Love when she took on the role of the crabby, chain-smoking Heather Mooney in Romy and Michele. Since then, her credits have included 200 Cigarettes, Big Trouble (another comedy that deserves more love) and The West Wing. Coming up, the comedian is set to reprise her role of Beth for Wet Hot American Summer: First Day Of Camp on Netflix.


Justin Theroux (Cowboy)

Romy and Michele's High School Reunion was one of Justin Theroux's first credited roles. He's since gone on to appear in Sex and the City, and play the role of Timothy Bryce in American Psycho. Much more recently, you'll find him starring in HBO's The Leftovers. As for his Friends connection, the actor is engaged to Lisa Kudrow's Friends co-star Jennifer Aniston.

Julia Campbell

Julia Campbell (Christy Masters)

After playing A-Group leader Christy Masters in Romy and Michele, Julia Campbell made numerous TV appearances, including a spot on Friends. Her recent credits include the part of Eve Munro on FX's Justified, and a few appearances on Disney Channel's Austin & Ally.

Alan Cumming

Alan Cumming (Sandy Frink)

After playing the inventive and successful Sandy Frink in Romy and Michele, Alan Cumming went on to win a Tony Award for his performance in Cabaret. But it wasn't all stage for Cumming. The actor took on the role of Nightcrawler in X-Men 2 in 2003, and reunited with Lisa Kudrow for Web Therapy on Showtime.

Kristin Bauer van straten

Kristin Bauer van Straten (Kelly)

After playing A-Grouper Kelly in Romy and Michele, Kristin Bauer van Straten had a number of roles in TV and film, including the part of Didi Stone in The Secret Life of the American Teenager. But many of us likely recognize her best for her role as the fanged and hilariously blunt Pam De Beaufort in True Blood. These days, she's playing Maleficent in ABC's Once Upon a Time.

camryn manheim

Camryn Manheim (Toby Walters)

After playing the embodiment of school spirit that was Toby Walters, Camryn Manheim showed off her acting chops on the small screen and earned herself an Emmy and a Golden Globe for her performance in The Practice. More recently, she's appeared in Person of Interest and Extant.

vincent ventresca

Vincent Ventresca (Billy Christianson)

In addition to his role as the 80s high school dreamboat in Romy and Michele, Vincent Ventresca's credits include the part of (Fun) Bobby in Friends and Jack Reed in Boston Common. Post-90s, he's appeared in Dollhouse, CSI and Nikita. More recently, he dropped by Rizzoli & Isles For the part of Dr. Carlson in the "Deadly Harvest" episode.

mia cottet

Mia Cottet (Cheryl)

Following up on her role as A-Grouper Cheryl in Romy and Michele, Mia Cottet had a part in the short-lived Fox comedy Living in Captivity. More recently, you may have spotted her in The Mentalist, Melissa & Joey, The Neighbors and The Fosters.


Jacob Vargas (Ramon)

Since playing the car-repairing (and lending) Ramon in Romy and Michele, Jacob Vargas has lined up the film and TV roles, including a part in Traffic and appearances in Six Feet Under, Moonlight and CSI: NY. But Sons of Anarchy fans may recognize him for his role as Montez. And coming soon, we'll see him in Amazon's new series, Hand of God.

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