Sam Jackson Demands Boobies For Lakeview Terrace

Sam Jackson has come out in support of something I’ve been bitching about for years. Sam and I agree… strippers who don’t strip suck.

His new movie Lakeview Terrace apparently has a big bachelor party scene with three strippers in it. Unfortunately Sam tells ShowBizSpy, “But it is a PG movie, so there aren't any titties. We have three strippers at the party, and none of them have their top off.” It’s not just that they don’t show any nudity, apparently there’s not even any implied nudity. Sam complains, “How does that work? I'm like, come on! You could show the girl from the back, with her back bare. At least it gives a sense that she was naked. You can't just show them in their bras and panties. You have forty drunken cops in a house with three strippers? And nobody is naked? I don't f***ing think so!”

That does seem like a strange decision. Lakeview Terrace is actually PG-13, so showing a few bare backs at least definitely wouldn’t have hurt the rating. I’m not saying every movie needs to have nudity, but if you’re not going to have any nudity, then why write in characters whose profession it is to be naked? Maybe the bachelor party could have rented some of those gigantic, padded sumo suits, or brought in an inflatable bounce castle instead. Hollywood continues to be the only place in the world where strippers don’t actually do any stripping. Way to be realistic. Cut it out. Sam needs boobies, and I think he deserves them.

Lakeview Terrace hits theaters on September 19th. Check out newly released, booby free images from the film over in our image gallery, or by clicking the sample pic below.

Josh Tyler