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Sandra Bullock is still well known as one of America’s sweetheart’s of acting. After a string of not-so-great movies interspersed with some solid money makers, she bounced back big time with The Blind Side in 2009, won an Oscar, and has continued to rack up critical and financial successes since. Now, though, her career has hit a bit of a stumbling block -- temporarily.

As reported by Yahoo Movies, Our Brand is Crisis just opened in 2,202 theaters, and only made $3.4 million at the box office. making it the lowest wide opening of the actress's career. Granted, the weekend was filled with Oscar bait flops like Burnt and Truth, but those movies didn’t enjoy nearly as much of a promotional push as Our Brand is Crisis

Sandra Bullock’s previous box office bomb opening was Two If by Sea, a little film that had her playing a thief, with an opening of $4.7 million in 1996. The political dramedy Our Brand is Crisis received very mixed reviews from critics, with a Rotten Tomatoes score of only 33%, and the CinemaScore audience rating system only gives the movie an average of a C+. 

Even Halloween-bolstered films like Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocolypse, which did miserably in the States with a $1.8 million debut, is getting some love from international audiences. That film has racked up a still-modest but admirable $13.5 million so far. As you can imagine, this just about spells the end for Our Brand is Crisis, unless word of mouth takes off and people decide to give it a shot, anyway. There’s also the possibility that an overseas launch will help right the ship, but since this film isn’t a big, special-effects spectacular, that doesn’t seem very likely. 

Our Brand is Crisis focuses on ‘Calamity’ Jane Bodine, a retired political consultant hired by an underdog Bolivian politician to help him win the presidential election in 2002. And, if you just read that plot description and thought, "Who cares about the Bolivian presidential election in 2002?" you’re obviously not alone. Political movies are a tough sell anyway, even when they deal with American politics. People tend to want a little more escapism in their films, so the idea of revisiting any tough times in Washington or local political circles, especially when political news and scandals are hardly difficult to come by, doesn’t tend to get butts into seats.

Since Sandra Bullock has been on such a roll lately, it’s hard to believe that this failure will bring her career to a screeching halt. Certainly, not every Oscar winner can keep movie-making momentum going after their considerable wins. Bullock, to her credit, has done exactly that. Plus, people seem to want to see her succeed, even if they don’t come to the theater to help her films do so. All it will take is some time, and Sandra Bullock is surely to be back on top before long. Let;s hope she can forget this weekend, in time. 
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