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I wasn't aware of this, but apparently there have been rumors flying that a movie version of Quantum Leap will get going at some point, with Scott Bakula reprising his role as Beckett. Now Moviehole has gone straight to the source to find out the truth on these rumors, and as it turns out, Scott Bakula knows just as much as we do.

"That rumor's always out there," Bakula told them. "It would be fun. I would always - you know, you talk about this stuff, and you'd have to see how it would manifest, you know? In terms of a script. And - I always have joked that they'll do it, but it won't be with me and Dean, you know? Because that's just the way that Hollywood is. If they did a feature, they would recast it. And make it better."

So in the same way you sit around with your friends and wonder who would play yourselves in a movie of your life, Bakula and his co-star assumed that, if the Quantum Leap movie ever gets made, they won't get to be part of it. In conclusion: if Scott Bakula doesn't know anything about this planned movie, there probably isn't much to know.