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The glimpses into the cancelled George Miller blockbuster Justice League: Mortal continue. Days after images of what the movie’s versions of Aquaman and Wonder Woman would have looked like, new images have emerged of the Amazon princess fighting Superman near the end of the film, and it’s not because she stole his lunch from the Justice League Watchtower break room. Check them out!

Artist Steve Skroce posted these Justice League: Mortal storyboards and more to his Facebook page on Sunday, which show Superman, who would have been played by D.J. Cotrana, in an intense battle with Wonder Woman, who would have been played by Megan Gale. According to Skroce, at this point in the film, Superman is being mind controlled by main antagonist Maxwell Lord, who would have been played by Jay Baruchel, and has turned against his teammates. The destruction that would have been caused by these two looks like it would have rivaled what went down between Kal-El and Zod in Man of Steel.

With Wonder Woman’s attempts to beat some sense back into Superman not working, the situation is resolved when Armie Hammer’s Batman snaps Maxwell Lord’s neck, which Lord previously stated was the only way to release Superman from his control. Not only is this dramatic shift from the 2005 story Infinite Crisis, where it was Wonder Woman that killed Lord to bring Superman back, it’s especially shocking that Batman is responsible for doing the deed given that most modern depictions of the Dark Knight have him not willing to take a life.

You’ll notice that in the concept art, the traditionally yellow parts of Superman chest emblem are black. Although this Skroce notes in the post’s comments section that the idea was that the mind control would somehow have changed the color scheme, making the symbol look like the one from the 1996 story Kingdom Come. As for Wonder Woman, her costume looks to be a faithful blending of her classic and modern day looks.

Justice League: Mortal was originally scheduled to be released in 2009, and in addition to the above actors, it would have starred Adam Brody as The Flash, Santiago Cabrera as Aquaman, Hugh Keays-Byrne as Martian Manhunter, Common as Green Lantern and Teresa Palmer as Talia al Ghul. However, factors like the 2007-2008 Writers Strike and Warner Bros rethinking its DC film strategy led to the film’s cancellation. A documentary is being planned to take a look at what might have been with the cinematic debut of DC’s most famous superhero team. The documentary is expected to feature interviews with the actors, as well as costumes and concept art from the project. Although this film never became a reality, fans can look forward to the Justice League forming for the first time on the big screen in 2017’s Justice League - Part One.

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