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There’s been a metric ton of speculation and even a few intentionally leaked set photos, but up till now no one really seems to have had any idea what the already filming Sex and the City sequel might be about. Tonight, for the first time, we may have answers. Sex and the City 2 is throwing a big, gay, wedding.

Gossip site Just Jared claims that an “insider” says the movie will involve a wedding between the series’ notable gay couple, played by Mario Cantone and Willie Garson. There had been some speculation that the film might actually be marrying off Samantha, but apparently photos leaked of her in a wedding gown were, much like communism, just a red herring.

Since the first movie already covered the wedding thing pretty adequately, it’s hard to imagine that yet another marriage would be the central plot of the sequel, let alone the wedding of two minor side characters. It’s more likely that this is just some sub plot, maybe while the wedding happens Big will impregnate Carrie behind a pew or something. That doesn’t mean it isn’t a big deal. Their source claims they’re planning celebrity cameos from gay icons to class up the occasion. They’ve reportedly already signed Liza Minnelli and are currently in “secret talks” with Barbra Streisand.

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