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Rampaging sharks have mixed history on the big screen. For every Jaws, which created the roadmap for the modern blockbuster and scared an entire generation out of learning how to swim, there’s a Deep Blue Sea, which, while awesome in a different way, hardly measures up. (We’re not even going to get into the glut of Syfy-style shark-themed movies like Sharknado, Jersey Shore Shark Attack, and the Mega Shark Vs. franchise.) A new entry into this realm, The Shallows, is on the way this summer and just dropped a new trailer. You can check out angry sea life terrorizing Blake Lively below.
Dropped on People Magazine’s Twitter page, this trailer for The Shallows doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but there’s definitely the potential for this to be solid, fear-of-nature-style thriller. As you can see, there’s not a lot of detail. We meet Blake Lively’s character, who’s stranded on a rock outcropping, very far from the shore. There’s no clue how she got there, what she’s doing all alone, or even what her name is (it’s Nancy). What we do know is that she appears to be hurt, there’s a big-ass shark circling her sanctuary looking for a snack, and maybe, just maybe, the tide is coming in. I’m not going to lie, I let out a kind of gallows chuckle when it cut to that shot of the shark from above, showing just how screwed she is.

There may no be a lot of specifics, or much in the way of plot for The Shallows, but even with the spare details, this could be fun. Isolated, injured, alone, this evokes a very primal, visceral kind of terror, and the groundwork is certainly in place for a taut, scary, nerve-wracking survival thriller.

Watching this trailer for The Shallows, you get a similar vibe to 2003’s Open Water, about two scuba divers stranded in shark-infested open waters after being abandoned by their boat. There’s a parallel style of dread and abandonment and holy-shit-what-do-we-do-now going on.

Given the rather limited set up of The Shallows, however, you have to wonder exactly how it will fill a feature length run time. According to the IMDb page, there are at least a couple of other actors involved, though not many. It seems like a good bet that we’ll at least learn how Blake Lively gets stranded on this particular rock on this particular stretch of isolated beach (apparently she’s surfing alone, which sounds like a bad idea). And considering that Jaume Collet-Serra, a filmmaker best known for the likes of Run All Night, Non-Stop, and Unknown, is handling the directing duties, the inclusion of at least one big action scene feels like a likely scenario.

We’ll see if The Shallows lives up to the tension of this trailer when it hits theaters on June 24.