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In general, traditional movie snacks aren’t particularly healthy. From popcorn to Dots to that jumbo vat of overpriced soda, the main options are usually some combination of sugar and grease, both of which are delicious. At least one man, however, is on a quest to introduce something else to the snack bar menu: edamame.

Entrepreneur and former cardiologist Ron Law has in idea for a somewhat healthier option to snack on at the movie theater, and he calls it EdaMovie. Talking to CBS News, he said:
Going to the movies is about having fun, and I think eating edamame is fun.

Post-screening theaters are already often left in a state that looks like a small-scale riot broke out, and you have to wonder how the theaters staff would feel about cleaning a floor covered with smashed soybean pods. It already sounds like a mushy, disgusting mess.

As it is, a small popcorn clocks in at roughly 1000 calories, so for people trying to eat a little healthier, but who still want to snack at the movies, it’s entirely possible we’ll start seeing products like EdaMovie, which weighs in at 150 calories, added to theater menus in the future.

Law, however, would prefer to stay away from labeling his EdaMovie as "healthy." He thinks the connotation with that term is that the product isn’t fun, that it’s something you have to eat because it’s healthy, not necessarily something that you want to eat. To support his claim, he cites low sales on items like nuts and rice crackers that are specifically marketed as better for you. His goal is to offer something tasty and enjoyable, that just happens to be a healthier option.

This is part of the wider trend of movie theaters expanding their services. As the industry continues to struggle at the box office, competing with the likes of Netflix, Amazon, and the variety of other video on demand and streaming services that are available, theaters are doing everything they can to set themselves apart and attract patrons.

Concessions make up a large portion of a theater’s profits, somewhere in the neighborhood of 40%—ticket sales are split substantially with studios, which is why food and snacks are so expensive, they’re trying to increase profits—and many theaters now offer options that were almost unheard of a few years ago. Many now have beer, wine, and other alcoholic beverages, and an increasing number offer full menus and table service during screenings. This is an attempt to set themselves apart as well as revamp the movie going experience as something more than just going to the movies. By making it more of a complete night out, more of an event, theaters are trying to redefine themselves in the marketplace.

What do you think? Would you go for a packet of edamame at the movies? Are you into the idea of healthier snack options, or are you going to continue to dump a box of Milk Duds into your jumbo vat fake butter-slathered popcorn, calorie count be damned?

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