Sony Pictures has found a pair of directors to tackle Giants, its science-fiction comedy project that has been sitting in pre-production.

Tom Jenkins and Simon Sharp have been hired to bring the story to fruition, according to Deadline. The duo broke on the scene through two viral videos: Speed of Light and Address is Approximate. The created the shorts under the production banner of TheTheory, hoping to break into film. Now they are getting their shot.

Deadline says that the story follows an alien race of giants who are “attacked” by a foreign craft. Believing that they are in serious danger, the giants mount an offensive by sending a platoon of soldiers down to our planet for a war. Only, when they land, they realize that the ship which attacked them was a screw that came loose from the Hubble telescope, and they actually stand 1/4-inch tall. So much for being giants.

It almost sounds like Giants could be animated, though Jenkins and Sharp created live-action shorts as their calling cards, so maybe Sony is going to give them the budget to do this in a live-action format? It’s possible. We are in the very early stages of the process. Casting should come next, and the studio will need to focus on a possible release date. In the meantime, here is the short film Address is Approximate, which caught the eye of Sony execs and helped get Jenkins and Sharp their gig. Watch it and tell us what you think.

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