Old Spice Commercial Actor Lands Role In Horrible Bosses

Unless you are completely devoid of a funny bone, you've enjoyed the most recent run of commercials for Old Spice body wash. Featuring an actor named Isaiah Mustafa, the ads are generally done in one shot and have the actor doing a stream of manly activities so that women will try and get their men to smell like him. Frankly, they are brilliant and much of it has to be credited to Mustafa's charisma. Sadly, the commercial line has ended, but fortunately it won't be the last we see of the actor.

THR reports that Mustafa has joined the cast of the star-studded Horrible Bosses, which is currently filming and is due for a release date next summer. It sounds as though the role is small, possibly no more than one scene, but Mustafa will be playing a cop. While he says he doesn't know who he will be in the scene with (hoping it's Jennifer Aniston), it will most likely be one of the three employees-turned-criminals played by Charlie Day, Jason Bateman and Jason Sudeikis. In the film, the three men stage a Strangers on a Train type plot to murder each other's bosses, played by Aniston, Colin Farrell and Kevin Spacey. The film will also co-star Jaime Foxx as a scam artist named Motherfucker Jones and Julie Bowen as Spacey's wife.

Gauging from interviews, Mustafa seems like a genuinely nice person and it's always great to see things work well for somebody with positive attitude (hell, the man sent personal messages to fans on YouTube). Now, because I enjoy them just as much as you do, here are a small sample of videos that launched Mustafa to stardom.

Eric Eisenberg
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