The Spider-Man Casting Has One More Finalist

Another day, another name to throw onto the pile of potential young actors who might play Peter Parker in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

If you weren’t paying attention over the weekend, the list of candidates still in the hunt for the role of Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War (and beyond) boiled down to three actors: Tom Holland; Charlie Plummer; and Matthew Lintz. Those names came from sources speaking with The Wrap. But now, Birth.Movies.Death adds another name that they have heard from their own sources: Charlie Rowe, of The Golden Compass and Never Let Me Go. BMD cites this intel as coming from a Sony source, and they claim that the race is down to Tom Holland and Charlie Rowe.

Here’s a montage of the young man’s work:

BMD saying that this information comes from a Sony source is relevant because another story breaking over the weekend states that the casting hasn’t happened on Spider-Man because Marvel and Sony are at odds over who is the right choice. Each studio has their own favorite, and seeing as how this is the first Spider-Man movie on which they are trying to collaborate, they want to make the right choice. Charlie Rowe wasn’t on The Wrap’s list, so this is interesting that his name might be on Sony’s still. Since Tom Holland remains on both studio Wish Lists, does that mean the role is his to lose?

Recently, we have been spending time reporting on people who AREN’T getting the role of Peter Parker in this upcoming slate of films. The Walking Dead co-star Chandler Riggs took his own name out of the running with a well-timed Tweet. And while all of these casting stories started breaking, the name Asa Butterfield was nowhere to be found… even though the Hugo star was believed to be a frontrunner by many involved in tracking the process.

We’re bound to hear who has won the role soon enough. Joe and Anthony Russo need Spider-Man to show up in Captain America: Civil War so he can tease out his first MCU solo adventure, scheduled for July 28, 2017. From what we have been hearing, the actor tapped to play Spidey will have to be on the Atlanta set in July, so a casting decision could drop any day now. One way to cut off all of this speculation is to just make an announcement, Marvel and Sony. We’re ready! Are you?

Sean O'Connell
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