These Star Wars Action Figures Are So Realistic They're Almost Creepy

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Within the action figure industry, there are few – if any – companies that can compete with Hot Toys in terms of authenticity. With licenses to all sorts of big Hollywood franchises – from Avatar to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Hong Kong-based toy manufacturer has spent years producing some of the most incredible and accurate 1:6th scale figures of your favorite big screen characters. It was recently revealed that they are now doing a line of Star Wars figures, and, as you can see above, they look truly incredible.

I imagine those who collected the Kenner Star Wars action figures when they were young are probably picking their jaws up from the floor right now. These new photos have popped up on the official Hot Toys Facebook page, and they are stunning. Not only does that actually look like a young Harrison Ford, but I love the fact that the touch that Chewbacca probably feels exactly like the actual costume worn by Peter Mayhew. And that’s just the close-up. Check out a ¾ shot of the toys here:

Post by Hot Toys.

As you can see, both characters are suited up in their most recognizable looks – which is to say how they first appeared in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. They also come with some with more than a few great accessories, including their famed weapons: a trusty blaster and the bowcaster.

Post by Hot Toys.

Perhaps the greatest problem with Hot Toys, however, is that they know exactly how good their stuff is, and they charge a pretty high price for it. Both toys are available for pre-order now, and the Han Solo figure will run you $229.99 while the Chewbacca costs an even heaftier $254.99. Both will ship in April 2015.

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